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Nexus Coalition

Their overarching goal is to engage the community to respond to substance abuse issues by implementing strategies that transform community attitudes, perceptions, and policies. Organizing environmental change helps to create a substance-free environment for youth. They are dedicated to focusing on prevention efforts on underage drinking, prescription drugs, and marijuana.

They will be providing training during our event to teens in Navajo County educating them on substance abuse, with a focus on prescription drug abuse including fentanyl.  Educating them with data and providing them with tools they can use to combat drug use for themselves and their friends. 

Youth contest “One pill can Kill”- a poster/video PSA that challenges our teenagers to develop a substance abuse PSA, with a focus on prescription drug use amongst teenagers.

The award winners will receive a cash prize and receive an award during our luncheon ceremony.  We are collaborating on this contest with Navajo County Drug Stories and will use their PSA to campaign against drug abuse in Navajo County. 

Presenters with Nexus Coalition

Vicky Solomon

Vicky Solomon is the Executive Director for Nexus Coalition for Drug Prevention located in Taylor, Arizona. She was born and raised in the White Mountains, where she intends to continue to build healthy communities and resiliency in youth- both passions of hers.

Vicky has 13 years of experience in prevention education, community collaboration and federal grant management as well as 28 years’ experience as a Financial Analyst. Her leadership skills are focused on achieving the coalition’s goals of Reducing Substance MisUse Among Youth and Establishing and Strengthening Collaboration Among Community Organizations. Her guidance has expanded the coalition’s work in school-based prevention education, the use of trauma informed care practices, and delivering numerous trainings to address substance use disorders.

Destiny Hall

Destiney Hall is a Program Coordinator with Nexus Coalition for Drug Prevention located in Taylor, AZ. She was born in Kentucky, raised in Indiana and has lived in Navajo County for the last 15 years where she now raises her own family. She loves the White Mountains and works tirelessly to share educational resources to help build a healthy environment for youth and adults.

Destiney has served in various leadership roles for her church community that allowed her to work with, teach and lead children, teens, and adults. She continues this work today. Destiney continued developing leadership, communication, and organizational skills as a Paraprofessional at Taylor Elementary for two years until she left to pursue a Life Coaching degree through The Life Coach School. Upon graduation, Destiney started facilitating an educational support group at Recovery Works for those in treatment. She did this for 5 months before joining the Nexus Coalition team. Now Destiney continues facilitating that group, as well as one for their family members.

Destiney loves to teach youth and adults how to build resilience, create confidence, and other life skills that help with drug prevention as well as improve overall quality of life. It is her passion to share tools and teachings that empower others to believe in themselves and realize they can handle the ups and downs of life without turning to drugs or alcohol.

Deshon Mason

Deshon Mason is the Program Director for Recovery Works Addiction Center in Show Low, Arizona. At Recovery Works, we teach men how to live the way of recovery through our 6-month residential program. He was born in Phoenix, but later found recovery in the beautiful White Mountains. As a youth he played sports as an escape until he was kidnapped and misplaced by drug addiction in his young adult life. He suffered from opioid addiction for 11 years and hit multiple rock bottoms. He was a slave to the drug and put the drugs before everyone and everything in his life.

Today, he is 4 years clean and work for the treatment center that helped me recover. He has assisted in many success stories that have come through Recovery Works program in the 3 years. With 4 years of experience and gained education, his passion is to elicit inspiration into those who suffer from addiction. Most importantly, he enjoy speaking to the youth about drug prevention and the effects of addiction. He feels that this is our only chance to save the youth, by making them aware of the dangers of drug addiction and how it affects MANY lives!

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Workshop Description:
Vicky Solomon/Nexus Coalition - Empowering YOUth with Facts

Education and awareness on the current drug trend, fentanyl. Facts, local data and short video of how lives are being impacted by fentanyl poisonings.

Destiney Hall/Nexus Coalition- Focus on the Future

Interactive discussion on WHY NOT and WHY DO youth use drugs. Focusing on the future and trying to learn tips, resiliency and self-help on avoiding “present stresses” that may greatly affect their futures.

Deshon Mason/Recovery Works- Everyone Needs a Coach
Passionate, interactive hands on, life experience education on addiction and how it affects more than one life.  How “everyone” needs a coach. Everyone needs help. Everyone needs support. Focusing on the Future and being aware of the current drug trends that TRY to drag you down. ​You are in control, starting with your thoughts. ​